Monday, October 12, 2009

Looking over each other's shoulders

The Kehilliyot CoP is exploring ways we can “look over each other's shoulders” to learn about community facilitation from the practice of peers. We are grateful to Darim Online, who recently invited Kehilliyot members to join the webinar "Foundations of Social Media" to learn about how Darim presents to their CoP members.

Several Kehilliyot members, including myself, joined Lisa and Caren on the webinars. We found it enlightening and useful. We learned alot from watching how Darim used the Webex software to share the desktop, use PowerPoint, and chat -- all in real time -- thus keeping up a variety of stimulating modes of conversation and interaction. The Webinar showed us some great examples of how some organizations are succesfully using social media.

One interesting concept we took away from the seminar was the notion of official and unofficial "outposts". Our Facebook profiles, Twitter feeds and other accounts on third party social networking sites are all examples of “official outposts.” When we comment on someone else’s blog, in their space, we are creating an “unofficial outpost.”

Participants felt they learned quite a bit from the session. Naomi Less (Storahtelling, Evaded Issues in Jewish Education,
Jewish Chicks Rock) said, “Amazing call.. I learned a great great deal. I was also struck by the "outpost" concept.”

Thanks Lisa and Caren. Great job! If you want to find out more contact them at For information about becoming a Darim member, check out