Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Putting Power in the Hands of Your CoP

Many Kehilliyot members have expressed interest in how to build internal leadership within a community. The citation below, from an article on eJewish philanthropy - includes tips for putting power in the hands of your community. How can we adapt these to CoP? some of my thoughts [in red] below


"Here are just a few of the ways BBYO is building a movement by putting power in the hands of our community:

§ We’re asking our stakeholders to submit stories, photography, videos, logos and t-shirt designs. We’ve learned that authenticity is much more important than production quality or perfect branding.

collecting stories, tools and documents for sharing - we do this in a CoP, can we do it better?

§ We’re tapping “alpha” stakeholders, and encouraging them to mobilize their networks. In other words, we’re identifying individuals within our community who love serving as BBYO brand stewards and giving them the tools and resources to help them do it better.

have we identified our internal leaders? Bruce Hoppe and the work of SNA helped Kehilliyot members understand the significance of hubs (here called "alpha stakeholders). Are you tapping your leaders?

§ We’re sharing ideas, campaigns, videos, logos, etc. with our community members. We’re asking their opinion, and we’re listening. If they’re not fans of what we’re creating (and they’re not always!), we just ask them to do it!

Listening…. listening…listening. Backchannel conversations and ongoing communications are critical. Is this a part of your practice? If not can Kehilliyot help you develop this part of your practice?

Be brave enough to relinquish control of your brand. Put control in the hands of your community. They will reward you by moving your mission forward."

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