Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Advice on meeting reminders

It’s the beginning of the academic year, and Naava and I are busy finalizing our schedules for 2009-2010! As our calendars filled, we began to wonder about the most effective way to distribute meeting reminders to maximize awareness (and attendance). We don’t want to send only one announcement and expect meeting attendees to save it in the chaos of their email inbox, but we don’t want to send so many that it becomes annoying and they stop reading our communications altogether.

We came up with the following tentative schedule:

-- 1 month before: first communication, hold-the-date

-- 1 week before: reminder

-- 1 day before: another reminder

-- possibly one final reminder on the day of the event

Naava suggested we ask Kehilliyot members what they did when they were leading and organizing meetings, as well as what kind of communication worked best for them when they were the invitees. We received many helpful responses.

Naomi Sayegh of BJE writes, “I did some research on conference calling. It was suggested sending out reminders on all the times you noted. In addition, they suggested the day of the meeting—a half hour before the meeting.” She continued, however, “If the meetings are at the same time every month then there is no need for so many reminders. I appreciated the time when there was a reminder the day of a meeting.”

However, Rebecca Egolf pointed out a possible technological snag: “The problem with any reminders that are sent out the day of the meeting is that if you are getting messages from Google Groups in a digest then you don't receive it till the end of the day after it is too late. Day of messages would have to be sent directly by email and not in GG or many of us miss them.”

Thanks to everyone for the great advice!

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