Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Community Weaver Role for Kehilliyot

This is a protocol for a Kehilliyot Community Weaver Role. It was created on 8-17-09by Naava Frank of Knowledge Communities and Elana Rivel of Jewish Outreach Partnership based on the "Greeter Program" created by Jewish Outreach Partnership. We welcome your experimenting with this role and sharing your feedback.

  1. Help strengthen the community
  2. Help individuals members get to know each other
  3. Help new or peripheral members connect with the community and its tools
  4. Help the community fine-tune its learning activities to meet the needs of members

Role: Two-Parts

Part I. 15-20 minute phone call

Talking points
  • What CoP work do you do?
  • Let me tell you what I do? A practice I am proud of, a challenge I am facing.
  • Share 2 or 3 ways I use Kehilliyot
  • How are you using Kehilliyot? Are you comfortable with the technology? Are learning activities working for you? Phone calls, Topics? Listserv?
  • Who else do you know or are you contact with from Kehilliyot?

Part II. 2-3 contact points over the next 2-3 months (over email or phone)

  • Connect over a resource shared (what did you think of the last email… I thought it might apply to your work)
  • Ask how is it going?
  • Send a resource you think might be of help
  • Summarize a call they missed
  • Share a problem or success of yours
  • Inquire/follow-up about a problem they shared in the first conversation
  • Respond to their posting
  • Introduce them to someone else
  • Ask to be introduced to someone else

Possible Hebrew terms for this role:
  • Kashran (connector)
  • Arev (a responsible community member – traditional Judaic texts)
  • Oreg (weaver – modern Hebrew translation of weaver)

Let us know if you try this and how it works.


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