Sunday, September 13, 2009

Your First CoP Meeting of The Year

Many of you (like myself) are planning or have just completed the first meeting of the year for your CoP. It would be neat to pool our knowledge about good strategies for starting the year. Maybe some ideas for having 'fun' as well.

In one local CoP for educators, Reuven Kimelman is addressing the group on strategies for teaching the Rosh Hashanah Davening.

Other ideas:

· Have the group brainstorm topics for the year and prioritize them
· What did we like about our CoP last year and what do we want to do differently?
· What does quality look like in our field? members give examples
of quality they experienced in other arenas.
· What are the problems we want to address together?
· What do we want to contribute to the broader field this year?
· Do we want to do any joint projects? writing, blogging, a conference, a presentation?

What was your first CoP meeting like? How did it work?

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